Hello, my name is Syafiq Affendy bin Zurymi .

i am 19 years old now . i do love musics, photography, fashions and more . Welcome to my territory . do love me, and don't hate me .

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it's all about me ,

    Bismillahhirrahmanirrahim , Assalamualaikum . Basically , my name is Syafiq Affendi bin Zurymi . It is derived from Arabic name . haha . don't you get it ? Alright . " Syafiq " is derived for " The love between two different people " and  " Affendi " is derived for " The Leader " . Yes ! My name sounds awesome and so great to me . I do love both my parents for naming me by this beautiful name . I was born in Seremban , Negeri Sembilan . Maybe that sounded so " kampung " but i am blessed proud , coming from there . haha .

      I was born on the 1st July1993 at 12 a.m something as been told by my Mom . I was raised full time by my Mother , Dad and both my Grandma and my late Grandpa . Yes . They've been through a hard and difficult time in raising me . I am from a family maybe nowadays that can be called " second class family " i'm not rich rather nor poor . I am very grateful that my life slowly and simply changed after my brother was born . He's name is Syazrul Anwar bin Zurymi . This year , he's 17 years old . And there's our new little Princess named Syahida Azwa bt Zurymi . Now she's 4 years old . 

     Before my little sister was born , i lived with my family near or next to my late Grandpa's house . Yes , i missed him so much . When i was a kid , he always brought me along and follow him to the farm . That moment when i was chased by a little cattle , Grandpa had saved me . Everytime , when i was at " kampung " i will remember that awful ? not , that moment was the best for me  . 

     My Mom is a teacher at a Kindergarten , she raised me at the same place when i was a kid . Then , i took a Pre-school class with my Grandma . She was a teacher in a Pre-school next to my Mom's Kindergarten . My father is a worker in a factory  . I am not ashamed of them , in fact i am proud of them . Although our family is not wealth in belongings , money or gold , but we are wealth for love , respect and loyal . Thank you Mom and Dad .

     Okay, trust me . I'm not handsome without my hair on my head . I do agree that " My hair is my life " . I was studied at Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman , Ipoh . Yes , throughout my high school time, there were too many kind of sad and happy moment together with my friends and teachers . I was away from my families for 5 years , studied at that residential school in Ipoh, Perak . Now , i am studying at Universiti Malaysia Pahang . I am taking Electrical Engineering for these 4 semester . Do always pray for my success yeh ? Thank you .

     When it comes to L.O.V.E , maybe this is not the right time for me to think about it yet . That moment when that " cute girl " left me , or can i assigned as DUMPED me , i really don't have much of that feelings towards them, GIRLS . I am taking a space and a "lonely-space" for me to think all about my relationship , oh , my further relationship . Besides, there is one thing that you must set in your mind when it comes to me , i don't like o take calls from anyone . Yes , i am not a monkey that can talked for few hours on the phone . phfftt , sorry . Just text me alrite ? 

     Okay , maybe this i should call , the end of my writing ? haha , yes . do comment me if you have something else to ask me about . Thank you so much for dropping by my "not-so-well-mad" blog page eh , thank you for lending your hear to hera those crap song , and also thankyou for reading all of thesr craps about me . Thank you guys *peluk ketat-ketat* 

 statement tu maybe ada orang kata " Boleh pun tulis BM , poyo je =='  " haha . i don't mind that . This is the main platform to improve your English okay . Try it out lah kalau tak percaya, okay , bye , Assalamualaikum , tak jawab berdosa :D